Innovative Cooling Technology Introduced at Dutch Mill Gardens Posted on Mar 23, 2016

Innovative Cooling Technology: Dutch Mill Gardens Inc. is committed to providing a high quality product to their customers, unmatched by the competition, achieving the best growing practices, and to continue to be innovators and trendsetters. Our vision has lead us to be a leader in the industry. Dutch Mill Gardens has researched and purchased a new and innovative technology that will allow them to increase the value of their local products!! We have purchased a Vacuum Cooler, a technology already used in Europe to cool all their floral products. With use of this vacuum cooler, we will be able to suck the field heat right out of our products almost instantly, increasing the shelf life of our products, and preventing any premature breakdown of the flower. We are able to market a local product to our customers that is capable of withstanding longer shipment duration's, and providing great value and the upmost quality of our product.
Some More Information About the Process:

Vacuum Cooler Fact Sheet
Vacuum cooling is a non-conventional, and innovative cooling process, that has been introduced to the horticulture sector to decrease the amount of time it takes to remove field heat from the products after harvesting. By rapidly removing the field heat from our products, it has been shown we are able to extend the shelf life of our products, and significantly improve the products quality. After harvesting, fresh cut flowers undergo physiological changes causing deterioration almost instantly. The field heat in the products can increase the rate of those changes causing rapid deterioration and premature breakdown, drastically effecting the products shelf life. Therefore, it is imperative we remove the heat, and cool the product, as quickly as possible.  Conventional cooling can take anywhere from 12-20 hours, in which time the product continues to deteriorate. Vacuum cooling decreases that time significantly, and can bring the flowers down to their desired temperature in only 15 minutes, almost halting the deterioration process, and decelerating the rate of the physiological changes. Removing the field heat quickly is very effective in prolonging the shelf life of our flowers. Furthermore, unlike conventional cooling which takes place through the process of temperature exchange between the product and the surrounding atmosphere causing condensation (especially on sleeved and packaged floral products), the vacuum cooling process produces limited to no condensation on our products, preventing any Botrytis, or molding, further increasing the quality of our products.

Vacuum Cooling: How it works
In an atmospheric pressure of 1 atm, water will boil and evaporate at 100 degrees Celsius. The lower the atmospheric pressure, the lower the temperate required. In a vacuum cooler the atmospheric pressure is about 1/10th which gives water a boiling point at 0 degrees. When our products are put in the vacuum cooler and the pressure is dropped to this point, the water in the cells of the plant begin to boil/vaporise and essentially draw the heat energy out with it, consequently cooling the product. This water evaporation can take place on the surface and within the product, providing uniform temperature distribution, as opposed to conventional cooling processes where the product cools from the outside, inward. We are able to quickly cool entire pallets of packaged product prior to cool storage or shipping, guaranteeing that the product throughout the pallet is all the same temperature. Furthermore, precise temperature control is possible with this vacuum cooling method.

Summary Fact Sheet



Duration: 12-20 Hours

Duration: 15 Minutes

Product cooled by process of temperature exchange between the product and surrounding atmosphere

Product cooled through water evaporation; heat required for water evaporation drawn out of the product

Product cools unevenly; from the outside in. Wraps and packaging further delay cooling due to poor air movement

Product cooled evenly throughout. Even through wraps and packaging.

As products are added to the cooling area, new temperature exchange causes condensation, further delaying cooling time needed to reach desired temperatures. Provides environment for Botrytis

All products added to coolers after vacuum process are all at the same temperature, therefore cool temperatures are maintained and no temperature exchange takes place; limited to no condensation


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