Dutch Mill Gardens grows a wide variety of fresh cut flowers. Specializing in over a 110 acres of different beautiful varieties of sunflowers, and 50 acres of assorted flowers. Listed below are just a few of our different varieties. 
Sunflowers - Orange, Bi-Color, Vincent Dark Eye & Light Eye, Summer, Gold
Double Sunflowers - Double Quick & Teddy Bear

Field Flowers 
Asceplias - Red, Gold, Scarlet
Ageratum - Everest Blue
Stattice - White, Purple, Blue, Pink, Yellow
Blue Salvia - Dark Blue, Light Blue
Gomphernia - Purple Red, Rose Bi-Color, 
Cabbage/Kale - Pink, Rose, White, Bi-Color, Red
Dahlia - White, Burgundy, Peach, Red 
Amaranthus - Hot Biscuits, Vel Curtians 
Millet - Purple, Broomcorn, Indiancorn 
Celosia Feather - Rose, Flamingo Feather, Ruby Parfait, Gold, Sylphid, Carmine
Celosia Coxcomb - Burgundy, Gold, Orange
Ammi - Green Mist
Strawflower - Peach Apricot, Orange, Rose, Yellow